Children’s Books That Promote Autism Awareness

Air Force photo by Senior Airman Lorraine Amaro

An April 2018 New York Times article told of a new study that shows the widespread impact of reading with young children. The study revealed that social and emotional development takes place, in addition to learning language and literacy. It also showed that reading with a child can decrease behaviors such as aggression, hyperactivity, and short attention span.

In addition to all of these benefits, reading can also create awareness and foster understanding of others. Huffington Post has compiled a wonderful and helpful list of children’s books that promote understanding of autism.

The next time you reach for a book to share with a young reader, please consider choosing from this list. By doing so, you are promoting understanding and acceptance for children on the spectrum.

A native of Cleveland, Maureen graduated from Cornell University and the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. She is a former congressional liaison with a background in nonprofit communications. Maureen believes strongly in the mission of the Orange Effect Foundation as she has a nephew with autism and a daughter who benefited significantly from speech therapy.

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