The Orange Effect Foundation Grant Application Process

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Here’s a summary of what we do and how we do it for those of you thinking about applying and wondering how the process works.

Applications are reviewed quarterly. You can mail them anytime, but the deadline to be included in the review means having your application postmarked on/by the 15th of the month that it is due (February, May, August, November). 

Applications must be 100% complete when they are received in order to be reviewed. Every section must be completed (regardless of whether the application is for therapy or a device) and all required attachments included. There are no exceptions to this or the postmark date.

The application review committee consists of four members of the Orange Effect Foundation Board of Directors and the program director. The review committee is primarily looking for a demonstration of need. As an example, many insurance companies do not cover speech therapy or cover very few sessions. If your application states that you are applying because your insurance does not cover speech, you also need to demonstrate that this places a financial burden on your family or household.

Each quarter the application committee has a budget to work within. Not always, but generally, that budget is $20,000 per quarter. We receive up to 60 applications per quarter with an average ask of $3000 per child. At this rate we can accept seven kids per quarter. The review committee does everything possible to help the highest number of kids in need of a device or speech therapy. 

The review committee then takes their report to the full quarterly Orange Effect board meeting for approval. Families and speech-language therapists are notified within a week of that meeting.The meeting generally takes place one the 2nd Friday of March, June, September, and December.

Pam is the Executive Director of the Orange Effect Foundation. She worked in the marketing field for the past 10 years, serving as Chief Operations Officer for Content Marketing Institute. During that time she found her passion to build and lead amazing teams because of the commitment of the staff at CMI. Pam also helped to create Content Marketing World, an event where over 3500 marketers come together annually to learn and network with the best and brightest. Pam's background is in social work, and she is raising a son with autism so the opportunity to start and direct this nonprofit is a dream come true. She has been a key leader in the CMI Golf for Autism the past 11 years and a champion for many other nonprofit organizations.

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