Orange Effect Launches FUND60 Campaign

There are so many Joshuas. Since sharing with people our story, the journey of Joshua who at age three did not talk with words, but only with grunts and gestures, who is now a senior in high school at a regular education school, I have heard many stories from other families with similar experiences. It tears me apart when they share their struggles and warms my heart when they share their successes.

This happened many times at the event Content Marketing World. This marketing event was the brainchild of my husband Joe Pulizzi and has prospered because of the work of the amazing people at the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). This was the event’s 9th year. And it is alive and growing with orange love from the greatest community of people on the planet. At the event, the CMI team was gracious enough to help us launch a new video produced by us here at the Orange Effect Foundation. With the help of the amazing folks at Purple Films, we put together our story to communicate the message of need for other Joshuas who need speech therapy but who may not be able to afford it as we were.  

Attendees at the event told me about their children who needed therapy for stuttering, or their niece who received a cochlear implant, or their grandchild who had autism and had so much frustration not being able to communicate what they needed. We hugged and shared words of encouragement and will keep in touch to share milestones and other discoveries.

I want to share the video with you. Click here, and if you would please, share it with your network. Our goal is to fund 60 kids in the coming year and we need everyone’s help to do that. We’re using the hashtag #60Kids so the word can spread on social media.

Feel free to tell me your stories as well. We learn and grow together when we work and share together. 

Pam is the Executive Director of the Orange Effect Foundation. She worked in the marketing field for the past 10 years, serving as Chief Operations Officer for Content Marketing Institute. During that time she found her passion to build and lead amazing teams because of the commitment of the staff at CMI. Pam also helped to create Content Marketing World, an event where over 3500 marketers come together annually to learn and network with the best and brightest. Pam's background is in social work, and she is raising a son with autism so the opportunity to start and direct this nonprofit is a dream come true. She has been a key leader in the CMI Golf for Autism the past 11 years and a champion for many other nonprofit organizations.