Changing Lives One Grant At a Time

We just did it again! At a board meeting held this past June, the Orange Effect Foundation became a game changer in the lives of 19 children. Awarding more than $60,000 in grants to children that need a voice, the Orange Effect Foundation funded over 450 hours of speech therapy, three weeks of summer speech camp, and three speech devices.

With this latest round of grant awards, the Orange Effect has now spread to Hawaii, Utah, and Nebraska. Children in 24 states nationwide have been impacted by the Orange Effect Foundation. The goal is to reach children in all 50 states and possibly at some time in the future, worldwide.

We know that raising a child is expensive and that raising a special needs child can be four times as expensive. The number of grant applications we receive confirms this. For this reason, in all cases the Orange Effect Foundation prefers to be the funder of last resort. Although grants are awarded based on financial need, we do consider extenuating circumstances.

Speech-language therapists recognize the value of an Orange Effect grant. After learning that her client had received funding, one therapist emphasized that, “ongoing therapy will have a tremendous positive impact.” Another speech-language pathologist so firmly believes in the mission of the Orange Effect that she made a personal donation to our foundation.

If you also recognize the value of an Orange Effect grant and want to empower a child, please consider supporting us by making a donation. Another way to help is by supporting our upcoming 12th Annual Orange Effect Golf For Autism on August 6. We’re looking for sponsors and raffle donations. You can be assured that every amount makes a difference!

Thank you for helping us spread the Orange Effect!

A native of Cleveland, Maureen graduated from Cornell University and the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. She is a former congressional liaison with a background in nonprofit communications. Maureen believes strongly in the mission of the Orange Effect Foundation as she has a nephew with autism and a daughter who benefited significantly from speech therapy.